Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Planner and Event Designer Lindsey Zamora

Final Stages Planning 

The last 8-10 prior to the wedding. For the couple who has all vendors booked, the design complete and small details checked off but is in need of a professional to manage the wedding day and rehearsal. 

Austin Wedding Planner and Event Designer Lindsey Zamora

Partial Planning + Event Design 

Partial Planning and Event Design allows for 6 months of Lindsey's time and expertise. It is intended for the couple that seeks a professional to guide them through the planning and design process and is comfortable completing some of the responsibilities and tasks themselves. 

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Full Service Planning + Event Design 

Full Service Planning and Event Design allows for Lindsey's undivided time and expertise though out the engagement. It is intended for the couple that seeks a wedding professional to guide them through the full planning and design process at a concierge level. No detail is too small or overlooked! 


No 2. Management

There are many moving parts in the logistics of wedding planning. Lindsey works closely with her team of vendors and clients to make sure no detail is overlooked. Planning meetings, budget development, contract & quote management, task management, timelines and etiquette advise are just some of the many items Lindsey is in charge of. No detail is too small.   

No 1. Design

Lindsey's process for design begins with developing an overarching vision, including the development of the color palette and creating individualized mood boards. She intentionally curates each vendor team that best reflects the client's vision and mood. Design proposals are sent but continue to evolve as Lindsey works with her clients throughout their engagement. No detail is too small and every detail is designed with intention and purpose.  

No 4. Production

Wedding days can easily be a 10-14 hour day. Together, Lindsey and her team manage vendor set up, wedding party direction and transportation. Clients are at ease with ceremony processional guidance and reception management. 


No 3. StyLING

Is the art of composing items in an aesthetically pleasing way. It differs from merely "setting up". Lindsey composes shots for photographers and intentionally works this into the wedding timeline. Customized and hand- selected props are included for each client. Styling services allow the vision to remain consistent and unified through the details.