C U R I O S I T Y-  As a designer (and planner and stylist) I am constantly changing, constantly evolving, constantly dreaming and constantly curious. Curiosity is so important to me and vital for me to strive in the wedding industry. Curiosity evokes imagination and innovative work; two aspects that are important to me as a designer. 

I am curious about my clients. I want to know their likes and dislikes, how they live, how they entertain, what they cook, what they love. My curiosity spans more than just weddings. My best work is inspired not by the wedding industry, but by art, fashion, architecture and culture. It is this curiosity that allows me to test my design skills and stretch my imagination in order to create an event that is uniquely personal to my clients as a couple. 

I designed this mood board recently for a personal project. 

Dallas Wedding Planner and Designer Lindsey Zamora

Imagery Sources (clockwise): Installation by Gabriel Orozco, San Telmo Museum Design by Nieto Sobejano, Photo by Taylor Lord, Painting by Jen- Garrido