Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

One question I am frequently asked by brides is "Where should I get ready?" I always prefer the bridal party get ready on-site, if possible. But if not, a hotel works fine as well! Read below to catch some of my tips!

Tips to have the best pre-wedding experience with your maids::

1. Look for a space that has nice natural light and light colored walls! This really is everything! Not only will your Hair and Makeup artist be happy, but your photographer will love you! 

2. Look for pretty furniture and accent pieces! This is the second thing my brian automatically looks for when seeing a bridal room for the first time (aside from the lighting and paint color). I scour the room to see what 'props' we can use the day of! I am looking for a nice settee for the 'putting on your shoes photo' or a beautiful side table to style champagne glasses on. Is there a tray in the room? Would it work for invitations? I always prefer that the bride get ready on site, because, hopefully, the bridal room is decorated similar to the venue's overall feel which reflects your wedding's overall feel. I am all about cohesiveness! 

3. Clear out the clutter! I can not stress this enough! If the room is large enough, designate an area for your 'getting ready photos' and try your best to leave it be. There is nothing worse than a water bottle (or two, or three) sitting ever so delicately on a side table in the background of a photo. 

4. Think about "pretty snacks and drinks". Swap out plastic water bottles for a pitcher of water (with lime!) and water goblets or provide a big bowl of fruit instead of granola bars whose wrappers have a tendency to wind up on the floor!

All in all, just being aware of your surroundings when choosing a room to get ready in is key! Happy prepping! 

Photos by Taylor Lord Photography Via Brides of North Texas Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015 issue (pages 43-62), Styled By Lindsey Zamora, Hair and Makeup artists on set: Brittany Jones , Randee Strand, Samantha Landis and Wendy Zerrudo, table and tray: PropMaker Event Rentals, Florals: Stems of Dallas, Vases: Gold Dust Vintage, Floral Shirt: Pretty Plum Sugar, Video: Beyond

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